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March 22, 2007

Constant Content: Earn Money for Writing

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Constant Content is a website where you can submit your articles, blogs and reviews. While you certainly won´t get rich off this site, it is another opportunity to earn a bit of money for your writing while waiting for larger jobs to come through.

The process goes like this. You write an article of virtually any length and then submit it to Constant Content. You specify your price (you can choose any price you wish, but your percentage will be 65%) and add tags to help potential buyers find your work. Once you have submitted an article, it takes up to five days to be approved and appear on the website.

Once your article is live, you can edit or delete it, or submit it to one of the buyers who is listed in the Requested Content section. Here you will find editors looking for specific material and if your article is a match, you can submit it for consideration. If you don´t fit the requested material, don´t worry, there are plenty more buyers surfing the articles every day.

To enhance your possibilities of earning money on Constant Content, you can try the following.

-Keep your articles short. Most of these are for use online, so you should stick to 400-700 words.

-Format for the web. Write as if you were placing on a website. This means single spaced lines with an extra space between paragraphs. Bold or fancy lettering is discouraged

-Write about highly popular topics. Gardening, parenting, and internet marketing are all hot topics right now. If you need more ideas, check out the Recently Sold Content area to see what people are buying.

By following these tips, you should be able to earn a little extra cash while waiting for those $1,000 jobs to come back! Oh, and Constant Content has a referral program, so you can feel free to spread the word.


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