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March 24, 2007

Job Alert: Write Short Keyword Articles

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Are you interested in writing some short (500 words) keyword articles for some extra cash? If so, email joshmachine_000 AT for more information. I can vouch for this employer, he pays!


March 23, 2007

Brand-new Ways to Earn

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Getting tired of submitting boring old queries and searching for guidelines? If you want to spice up your writing life a little, have I got an article for you!

Niche Geek put up this great article on 10 rather unusual ways to find writing jobs. It is definitely worth checking out, even if just to open your eyes to some of the weird possibilities out there!

So check it out right now, at Niche Geek.

March 22, 2007

Write Reviews for Cash

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If you enjoy writing reviews of any kind, there is probably a website out there that is willing to pay you for what you write. Once more, this is just a side job, but we all need these in order to keep us fed in between the big assignments, right?

Here are a few different sites that might interest you.

Mom Product Reviews: Here you can write a review for any mom-related product or technology and get paid $5 for it if your review is published on the website. The reviews aren´t very long and you should be able whip off several in an hour, which works out to a decent wage.

Payment: PayPal, every time you earn $5 (which is every time you have a review accepted!)

SoftwareJudge: This site pays up to $50 for reviews of software and computer games. You have to review products already on their site, however, not just current programs. Also, I have yet to be paid more than a dollar for my reviews, so I think the $50 thing is just to get you to sign up. Maybe you will have better luck, though! At any rate, if you like testing new programs, it is a good place to get some cash for them.

Payment: Western Union, the payout level is $200, which really wouldn´t be much if they actually paid $50!

Ciao!: Here you can earn money by writing reviews as well as referring other review writers. Each review that you write earns according to how it has been rated by other members. This site pays UK bank account holders only.

Payment: Direct deposit to your UK bank account.

Epinions: This site divides the month´s earnings between all review writers. Your percentage depends entirely upon how helpful your reviews have been. You need to write at least 200 words per review in order to be considered for payment. They are currently running a special, ten reviews for ten dollars.

Payment: By check, the payout limit is $10 for US citizens, $100 for everyone else.

Constant Content: Earn Money for Writing

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Constant Content is a website where you can submit your articles, blogs and reviews. While you certainly won´t get rich off this site, it is another opportunity to earn a bit of money for your writing while waiting for larger jobs to come through.

The process goes like this. You write an article of virtually any length and then submit it to Constant Content. You specify your price (you can choose any price you wish, but your percentage will be 65%) and add tags to help potential buyers find your work. Once you have submitted an article, it takes up to five days to be approved and appear on the website.

Once your article is live, you can edit or delete it, or submit it to one of the buyers who is listed in the Requested Content section. Here you will find editors looking for specific material and if your article is a match, you can submit it for consideration. If you don´t fit the requested material, don´t worry, there are plenty more buyers surfing the articles every day.

To enhance your possibilities of earning money on Constant Content, you can try the following.

-Keep your articles short. Most of these are for use online, so you should stick to 400-700 words.

-Format for the web. Write as if you were placing on a website. This means single spaced lines with an extra space between paragraphs. Bold or fancy lettering is discouraged

-Write about highly popular topics. Gardening, parenting, and internet marketing are all hot topics right now. If you need more ideas, check out the Recently Sold Content area to see what people are buying.

By following these tips, you should be able to earn a little extra cash while waiting for those $1,000 jobs to come back! Oh, and Constant Content has a referral program, so you can feel free to spread the word.

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